Abstract guidelines & submission

General scientific themes and special sessions (PDF)


We invite all the authors to submit their abstracts for oral or poster presentation not later than 07/03/2023

Abstracts should be submitted at the congress official web site. 


Abstract Submission Deadline: 07/03/2023

Notification of abstracts acceptance: 15/03/2023


Continental carbonates, karst and cave deposits
Shallow-marine carbonate depositional systems and carbonate platforms
Deep-marine carbonate depositional systems
General topics in carbonate sedimentology
Continental clastic depositional systems
Shallow-marine clastic depositional systems
Deep-marine clastic depositional systems
General topics in clastic sedimentology
Volcaniclastic deposits
Biochemical and biological processes in sedimentary rocks
Stratigraphic markers and archives
Provenance of sediments – from source to sink
Tectonics and sedimentation
Sedimentology and hydrocarbons
Techniques and technologies in sedimentology
Open topics in sedimentology


Instructions for presenters

Oral presentation

Each oral presentation can last up to 12 minutes (leaving at least 2 minutes for questions and discussion). Please format slides in widescreen 16:9 using the PowerPoint on screen page set-up function. Slides formatted at 4:3 can be shown, but there will be some blank screen to the sides of the slide. Please make slides easily readable with large text and do not put too much information on each slide. 
Please upload slides in the Speaker ready room (slide corner) on the day before your presentation. Please check carefully that all videos run correctly and ensure that you have uploaded all the necessary files.

Poster presentation

Maximum poster size is limited by the size of the panel, which is 100 cm in width and 200 cm in height (i.e. portrait orientation). The size of the poster can be smaller than the panel but must not exceed the aforementioned maximum dimensions. For each poster, a dedicated numbered poster board with fixing material will be provided.




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