Early Career Scientists

Activities for Early Career Scientists

Early Career Scientists (ECS) are IAS members who are students or scientists who received their highest degree within the past seven years, with additional time allowed for those whose work record has been interrupted by child birth, family care, serious health issues, etc.
Different activities will be organised for the ECS to encourage the cooperation and exchange of ideas and experience between the scientist at the beginning of their career.


ECS workshops

ECS workshop: “How to publish a paper in IAS journals”

Tuesday, June 13, 2023, lunch break. Leader Alexander Brasier (University of Aberdeen, UK)
Editors of the IAS journals including Sedimentology will discuss key topics including:

  • What editors are looking for in a good “Sedimentology” paper
  • How the peer-review process works: myths vs reality
  • How to respond to critical review comments, and produce a thoughtful rebuttal letter
ECS workshop: “IAS Social Media”

Wednesday, June 14, 2023, lunch break. Leaders Joanna Pszonka (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Stephen Lokier (University of Derby, UK)
Social Media is one of the most important channels for communication, outreach and networking. Yet, for many scientists entering the ‘professional’ side of Social Media is a daunting affair. During this workshop we shall explain how to use Social Media to safely and effectively communicate within your discipline, the broader scientific community and with the general public. Using the four IAS Social Media accounts, on Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and Linkedin, as an example, we shall demonstrate how different platforms can be used to target different audiences. By explaining the important ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of the Social Media Universe we shall enable you to take an active role in the dissemination of your research.


ECS workshop: “How to prepare a CV and a cover letter for job application”

Thursday, June 15, 2023, lunch break. Leaders Cathy Hollis (University of Manchester, UK) and James Hendry (University College Dublin, Ireland)
This workshop will discuss how you prepare your application for academic positions as well as in industry. We will offer some examples of best practice when preparing your CV and letter of application, as well as discussing some of the additional documents that you might be asked to present. As the social media aspect is increasingly important, we will also discuss how it can help you gain visibility in your field and get recognized by employers.


Best poster competition

Two best posters categories will be awarded, one for the Student and one for the ECS (post-doc and researchers with less than seven years from their PhD).


ECS corner

A space designated for socializing and discussion among the ECS will be provided. If you are a young scientist, we invite you to present and talk about your research and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere in front of a friendly audience. You can choose a short talk or presentation style as you like, with power point slides, without presentation, with pictures, or video material as best suits you. More information on the ESC corner follows in the subsequent circular and on the Meeting website.


ECS party

An evening event will be organized on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, for informal socialising. The details will be given in the third circular and on the Meeting website.